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what is a
novated Lease?

A novated lease is a way to purchase a vehicle using salary packaging. Simply, it is an arrangement with your employer for them to pay your vehicle lease and vehicle operating expenses out of your salary package through a combination of both pre-tax and post-tax salary deductions.

A novated lease allows you to drive the new Isuzu you want, one that suit your needs and lifestyle and it also gives you the convenience of not having to pay for fuel, servicing etc out of your pocket as running costs can be built into the novated lease.

Did you know that a Novated Lease can give you great fleet discounts on the purchase of your new Isuzu. We are the experts in Novated purchases- talk to us first to ensure that you get the very best possible deal with Isuzu Fleet under a Novation package. You can even purchase a used vehicle under a Novated Lease if you wish to do so.

New Isuzu DMAX MUX

Lease Set Up

Choose your vehicle, we price the vehicle under Isuzu Novated Fleet deals applicable and you make your purchase though us as normal. Your novated lease provider then arranges the Novated Lease between you, your employer and financier. 

Paying Your Lease

You email your Novated Lease Provider with the Contract to Buy. The Novated Lease is set up and your employer then makes payments to the Novated Lease Provider from your pre-tax salary deductions. Your motoring costs are now covered.

You Save

You get a great fleet discount, save on tax and running costs, fuel, servicing, insurance, tyres, car payments are all included in the Novated Lease. You get to enjoy your vehicle with no out of pocket costs as all you vehicle expenses are covered.

Can I choose to buy my Isuzu from Geraldton Isuzu Ute?

Yes, absolutely.  It is your choice where you purchase your vehicle from. Most customers want to buy from their local dealer. The Novated Lease Provider cannot force you to have the vehicle supplied by someone else. The best way to purchase under a novated lease is to come in and sign a Contact to Buy with us and supply that to the Novated Lease Provider.  We ensure that you get the fleet discounts that you are entitled to.

You also get all the benefits of buying locally such as free service loan vehicles, preferential bookings and discounts.


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